Capri and the Bay of Naples

Boxing Day, Pier near Bagnoli, Napoli.  This long pier used to support an oil pipeline that would have linked tanker ships with some sort of facility onshore - perhaps it was a refinery, but whatever it was it's gone now. This ruined industrial area is being rebuilt and rehabilitated. The Citt√† della Scienza, a science museum, is housed in old factories nearby.

Fuorigrotta, Napoli

Mergellina, Napoli

Bagnoli, Napoli


Vomero, Napoli


Chiaia, Napoli



New Year's, Piazza Plebiscito, Napoli


This is in the mouth/piazza of the Volcano, a shopping centre designed by the architects Renzo Piano Workshop. It's a bit of a shambles. See for example the massive air conditioners roaring away there.

Derelict and squatted seafront flats,  Villaggio Coppola, near Castel Volturno, Campania
Please note, since this picture seems to get Googled a lot, maybe by people planning a holiday in Campania, that all of Villaggio Coppola doesn't look like this, and lots of it is actually rather smart. I just gravitate towards squalor.


Tyrrhenian Sea from the 'Sentiero degli Dei,' Amalfi Peninsula, Italy  

Amalfi peninsula





a small hilltop chapel, Capri

Ponza, with Palmarola on the horizon



Gaeta. Note the US Navy base, protected by a floating barrage.

Gaeta (Christmas Day)

Sperlonga, near Gaeta, Italy

Sperlonga, Gaeta

Gianluca Daniele on Mascherina (8c) in the huge Grotta dell'Areonauta at Sperlonga, near Gaeta


near San Teodoro, Sardegna

Bay of Naples