Oxford Canal. This used to be my morning 'commute' - that's my bike leaning up against the signpost.

Botley Road allotments, Oxford

Port Meadow allotments, Oxford

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Cornmarket, Oxford

Whitworth Place, Jericho, Oxford. I lived in the building at right for two years.

This was the view from the kitchen, over Jericho

On the other side was the canal, along which I had a ten minute walk to work each morning. Jericho boatyards, Oxford.

Jericho boatyard, Oxford



Jericho boatyard, Oxford. At the time, the boatyard was the subject of an application to be demolished and replaced by a block of flats. Due to the scale of protest that ensued the property was fenced off and put under 24 hour surveillance. In the end, the project was refused permission and the boatyard was saved.


Proposal for a new central bus station, Gloucester Green, Oxford. Form-Z & Photoshop 2006

Building site, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

GBS Architects' Christmas lunch at Brown's on St. Giles, Oxford

David Welbourne models his 'Secret Santa' present. Brown's, Oxford.

Clearing by the Thames River at Port Meadow, Oxford

Hawaiian geese, Port Meadow, Oxford.

The footbridge at Whitworth Place, Jericho

The snow day. Oxford 8/02/2007

The garden of St. Thomas House, Oxford

Thames River, Oxford 8/02/2007

Thames River, Oxford 8/02/2007

Thames River, Oxford 8/02/2007

Thames River, Oxford 8/02/2007