Grahamstown, the 'City of Saints', from Hillview Street

Grahamstown. Officially, that's Fingo Village in the sunshine. Colloquially, it's the Location.

Extension 6, Grahamstown

Intersection of the N2 (Port Elizabeth - East London) and the Port Alfred road.

The western outskirts of Grahamstown, and the N2 going to Port Elizabeth about 2 hours away. The Craddock Road, heading into the Great Karoo, is in the distance. The white house just to the right of the stand of gum trees is part of the Grahamstown SPCA, where J.M. Coetzee set part of his novel Disgrace. I had a chance to visit when a dog named Tarzan (who appears in other pictures) spent the night there. Tarzan had a tendency to dawdle or to wander off on his own while on walks so he wasn't lost so much as dognapped, but still, the family who took him there (we'd seen them earlier) must have thought they were doing the right thing. I was kind of surprised when the woman at the SPCA the next morning hadn't heard of Coetzee's book.

The 1820 Settler's Monument. It's kind of a theatre/arts centre, where the Grahamstown Festival takes place every year. It's also pretty brutalist and awesome.

Farm church near Grahamstown

Church in the location, Grahamstown (1996)

Bathurst Street & High Street, Grahamstown






African Street, Grahamstown

Rhodes University, Grahamstown

I'm including pictures like this just because I figure people might like to see what a sleepy, quite pleasant town in South Africa might look like. What I've cropped out here, and actually what I was originally photographing, is that the this floodplain of the Kowie River is covered in garbage from the location.

George Street, Grahamstown

The purple trees are Jacarandas, their name as pretty as their flowers.

Hillview Street, Grahamstown. I guess these cows just wander up from the Kowie River valley. They're docile, at least, and they keep the grass down on the verge.

This is the Child's old house in Grahamstown.

Our old house on Harrismith Street

This is the garden of an old cottage my dad bought in the middle of town. I've designed a garden flat that's going to be built there, upon the existing outbuilding (ex-servants' quarters, but I doubt it's been used as such for many years). Sheblon Cottage, Grahamstown

A slightly more locked-down house than normal, in Grahamstown. Santa apparently still welcome.


The new face of apartheid. This is at a kind of funky coffee house, with an 'African' theme, near Rhodes University in Grahamstown, but you see a sign like this over virtually every business in town.

Looking down to the dividing line between the former black and white areas












Tarzan among the chickens, below Dele's wife's dress. Grahamstown, South Africa

Tara & Jessica, my stepsister Emma's daughters




Unfortunately you can't see from this photo the steep, rutted track that we just drove up, easily, in the nimble little Fiat Panda 4x4. It's a great car.


I was younger than either of my step-nieces when my dad bought that backpack. I remember going with him to the Canadian Tire store in the then-Westown Plaza in London Ontario, while we were having a holiday in Canada in the summer of 1977.

This is where we were headed, down to the Kap River for a swim.

My private climbing cave, on the hillside above Waterloo Farm


Khoi (bushmen) had once spent time here, and painted figures, animals

and little handprints.


A burned protea, near Grahamstown


Euphorbias at the Houle's farm, near Grahamstown

This tame Blesbok is hanging out with a couple of horses on a farm near the Kap River, Eastern Cape.


Kleinemond Beach, a couple of weeks before Christmas

Cottage at Fish River Mouth

Fish River Mouth beach, Eastern Cape. Yeah, you do tend to give a thought to sharks when you're swimming at a place like this.