Burnt lodgepole pine forest, Nemiah Valley (Xeni Gwet'in territory), British Columbia.  In the previous autumn two young boys had accidentally set this fire, which grew to engulf a couple of hectares before it was extinguished.

..the feel of horses, long before horses enter the scene... Wild horses in the Nemiah Valley, British Columbia.

Konni Lake, Nemiah Valley, British Columbia

Snow sheds over the Trans-Canada Highway, Roger's Pass, British Columbia.I know, sorry, not the safest of driving practices, snapping a picture at 120km/h

House near Chase, British Columbia

Redpath flour mill, Montreal

Emanuela at the Musée des beaux-arts, Montreal

Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal

This is the spot where boulevard Saint-Laurent meets the St. Lawrence River, Montreal. I took this picture to accompany an essay I'd written about the boulevard, for Derek Drummond's 'Civic Design' class at McGill.

Nemiah Valley, British Columbia. Visiting the straw bale houses in midwinter, in my beloved old Toyota van.

Toyota van, Saskatchewan. Moving to Ottawa

Building a barbed wire fence for CP Rail, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Made with a fence post while on lunch break...

...while we were building this. Near Balzac, Alberta

Derek Noble on the Fay glacier, the evening before we were to try and climb the north face of Mount Fay, in the background. We failed; it was still too early in the season and there was too much snow. Valley of the Ten Peaks, near Moraine Lake, Alberta

sled dog at the Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School's 'Homeplace', Black Sturgeon Lake, Ontario

'Homeplace', Black Sturgeon Lake, Ontario.

One of the houses at Homeplace, Black Sturgeon Lake. Back in the 1950s this was a government spruce bud worm research camp. Margaret Atwood has written about how as a child she spent time with her father working in one of these camps - if I ever meet her on the subway or some place I'll be sure to ask her if it was Black Sturgeon.

Whitewater rafting, Ottawa River. That's me, doing all I can to straighten it up, at the back.

Nemiah Valley, BC. Photomontage

Chilko Lake, BC. Photomontage